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Ono no Tofu, noble and also a noted calligrapher of Heian Period (794-1174) is known as a pioneer in departing from Chinese calligraphy and establishing Japanese calligraphy style. Ono no Tofu was born in Kasugai City, Aichi Prefecture, and coincidentally our teacher Goho Hibino was born there.

There is a famous story known in Kasugai area that a frog trying to leap up and catch a willow branch failing many times, but eventually succeeded in hanging to the branch. Ono no Tofu was amazed and inspired and was encouraged that he tried to aim in establishing unique Japanese calligraphy. It is not sure that due to the story of Ono no Tofu and the frog, but Goho Hibino named his private calligraphy group “Kawazu kai” (Society of Frogs). As I was one of the last learners of Goho Hibino, I named our calligraphy organization “Aen-kai” meaning Garden of Frogs where we could learn in harmony and aiming “pure and noble calligraphy”, and also not forgetting the challenge and hard work.

Not forgetting the above spirit, we are eager to popularize calligraphy art and at the same time enriching calligraphy education. We look forward to your warm support and understanding.


Yasuko Tsuchihashi

President, Aen-kai







Aen-kai’s Goal

Aen-kai’s goal is to inherit Hibino’s ideal “Pure and noble calligraphy ,“ and aim to establish the rich and profound world of calligraphy based on Japanese cultural heritage. Furthermore, our goal is to establish “Japanese calligraphy,” emphasizing the harmony of Japanese and Chinese characters reflecting the spirit of the current age. Also our goal is to study classical calligraphy works and always emphasizing the spirit of “discover new things and studying the past.”